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22. November 2022 - News

medica mondiale elects new Supervisory Board

New Supervisory Board at medica mondiale: In November 2022, the General Assembly of Members of the organisation elected two new members for the Supervisory Board. The Chair Beate Vinke remains in post and is now joined by Britta Maier and Christiane Borup in the committee which monitors the organisation.   

Three women posing for a group photo.
The new Supervisory Board has already started work: Beate Vinke, Britta Maier and Christiane Borup (l. to r.)

”Benevolent objectivity.“ – This is how Beate Vinke describes the position of the Supervisory Board: ”The task of the Supervisory Board is to be an independent body that critically examines the work of the Executive Board and provides feedback.“

On November 10, 2022, some 30 Members of the Association elected Britta Maier and Christiane Borup to join the Supervisory Board. Beate Vinke remains as Chair of Supervisory Board. It was the first day of the local Carnival season (11 November) in Cologne when the new 'triumfeminate' at medica mondiale held its first session. 

The Supervisory Board is an independent committee with the task of monitoring the work of the Executive Board, whose members are full-time employees. Its three members make the final decision on accepting the strategic planning, budget planning, mid-term financial planning, and Annual Financial Statements of the organisation. The Executive Board reports to the women in the Supervisory Board. 

Sympathetic to change – but objectively critical  

What motivated the three members to take on this volunteer role on the Supervisory Board? 

”Sexualised violence harms the dignity, liberty and vitality of girls, women and all humans. Patriarchal structures and sexualised violence inhibit the creativity and opportunities of survivors to be the people they really are,“

Beate Vinke, president of the Supervisory Board

says Beate Vinke (born 1970). Sexualised violence damages respect and desire within relationships. “I have strong feelings on all of these aspects, which is why I actively support medica mondiale,” says Vinke, a member of the academic staff at the HSD University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. She has been an active member of medica mondiale since 2018, and Chair of the Supervisory Board since 2021. 

”Our duties as Supervisory Board include ensuring security for everyone who has confidence in the organisation and offers their support in the form of donations, grants and fundraising actions,“

Britta Maier, new member of the Supervisory Board

adds Britta Maier (born 1972), who works as a counselling supervisor and coach in Munich. A member since 2021, for many years she has been actively committed to upholding the rights of women and girls and working to prevent violence.

”Insecurity is on the increase in the world, crises are becoming worse and more frequent, and the solutions to these crises require the integration of ever more perspectives,“

Christiane Borup, new member of the Supervisory Board

says Christiane Borup (born 1978), who works in organisational development at the Kindernothilfe NGO. ”Organisations in the fields of development cooperation and humanitarian aid have to understand these developments and adapt their work. In this sense, the Supervisory Board acts as a 'custodian of values': How is medica mondiale changing? Are the values 'on our label' still guiding our activities? And where might a change be due?“

Britta Maier and Christiane Borup succeed Heike Baur-Wagner and Beate Ziegler, who held this office from 2018. We would like to express our gratitude to Heike Baur-Wagner and Beate Ziegler for their involvement! And our congratulations to the new members of the Supervisory Board!