We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

Your contact persons

Here you can find an overview of all contact persons at medica mondiale.

Communication, Donations, Advocacy

Ingrid Hemmelrath, Donors Service
Portrait photo of Jutta Rating
Portrait photo of Hanna Hilger
Hanna Hilger
Major Donor Development
Portrait photo of Mandy Bauer in front of Cologne skyline
Portrait photo of Jeannette Böhme
Jeannette Böhme
Advocacy and Human Rights
Portrait photo of Sara Fremberg
Sara Fremberg
Head of Communication and Advocacy
Portrait photo of Martina Grantz
Martina Grantz
Head of Fundraising
Portrait photo of Rebecca Schulz
Rebecca Schulz
Assistance Fundraising

Job offers

Portrait photo of Annette Hoffmann

Board and Management

Portrait photo of Monika Hauser
Dr. Monika Hauser
Chairwoman of the board
Portrait photo of Susanne Jahn
Susanne Jahn
Assistance to the Executive Member of the Board
Portrait photo of Elke Ebert
Elke Ebert
Executive Member of the Board Finances & Human Ressources
Portrait photo of Sybille Fezer
Sybille Fezer
Executive Member of the Board Programmes
Portrait photo of Emmanuelle Marx
Emmanuelle Marx
Assistance Board and Management

International Programmes

Portrait photo of Jana Ongoma Schwerdtfeger
Jana Ongoma Schwerdtfeger
Head of International Programmes
Portrait photo of Sue Winter
Sue Winter
Assistance International Programmes Department

Trauma Work

Portrait photo of Karin Griese
Karin Griese
Head of Trauma Work Department
Nora Zeigert
Assistance Trauma Work Department

Evaluation and Quality

Portrait photo of Kirsten Wienberg, Head of Evaluation and Quality Department
Kirsten Wienberg
Head of Evaluation and Quality Department

Finances and Administration

Portrait photo of Kristina Remy
Kristina Remy
Head of Finances and Administration Department
Julia Fusenig
Assistance Finances and Administration Department