We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

Who we are: Together against sexualised violence

As a feminist women’s rights and aid organisation, medica mondiale considers itself to be part of the international women’s movement. Read who we are.

Women from various projects of medica mondiale and its partner organisations around the world are gathered happily together in a group.

medica mondiale is a feminist women’s rights organisation. We support women and girls in war and crisis zones who have experienced sexualised violence – irrespective of their political standing, ethnic origin or religious affiliation. Together with our partner organisations, we are working to uphold women’s rights and enhance the self-determination of women and girls.

Sexualised wartime violence: Everyday and everywhere

In all wars and conflicts, women and girls are raped, kidnapped and enslaved. Many survivors come away with physical and psychological injuries. Some have been made pregnant. Often, survivors experience social stigmatisation, are excluded from their communities, and are left alone with their experiences.

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We support women and girls

Founded in 1993, medica mondiale provides support to women and girls who experienced sexualised wartime violence. To achieve this, we work together with local, female-led partner organisations. Together we empower women and girls by offering them medical and psychological assistance, legal advice, and programs to help them generate their own income. At the same time we work at the political level to assert women’s rights and raise awareness of the consequences of violence for the whole of society.

A woman in a grey blazer looks into the camera.

“Right from the beginning our work aimed to do more than just ensure women survived their experiences of violence – they should survive with dignity!”

Monika Hauser, founder of medica mondiale

We work in partnerships

Action taken to eliminate sexualised violence and promote self-determination can only succeed if taken together. We plan our projects together with local women’s organisations and promote their networking and cooperation with relevant local stakeholders. Networking is important to overcome the isolation of women affected by violence. Joining forces also enhances the political and societal pressure that can be exerted.

A woman in a pink shirt stands infront of a grey background.

“We are an aid organisation, but we are also a feminist human rights organisation. We want fundamental aspects of our society to change until we achieve gender justice.”

Sybille Fezer, board member of medica mondiale