We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

Donation options: donations as a gift & more

Do you want to fight side by side with us for the rights of women and girls? If a one-off or regular donation is not what you are looking for, there are other ways to support our mission. Read more about your options to actively express your solidarity with women around the world.

Requesting or sending donations as gifts

Is there a birthday, wedding or other special occasion on the horizon? Why not consider asking family and friends for a donation on behalf of the lucky person instead of the usual gifts? In this way you can share your joy with women and girls all over the world.

If you are interested, please contact our Donor Service for more information. Just send an e-mail to spenden@medicamondiale.org. We are happy to help!

Corporate donations

Show the world you care: Company giving makes a powerful statement about your values to partners, employees and customers, in addition to the valuable contribution it makes to the struggle against sexualised violence. Make your voice heard and learn more about the advantages of a corporate donation to medica mondiale. For more information reach out to our Donor Service via e-mail to spenden@medicamondiale.org.

Major Donations

As a Major Donor of medica mondiale you have the power to support women in a more individual way. Your generous donation will be a significant contribution to women and girls in need. Learn more about the possible impacts of your financial support and the advantages of being a Major Donor by contacting Hanna Hilger, your partner for generous donations at medica mondiale. Just send an e-mail to hhilger@medicamondiale.org anytime.

Inheritance Giving

Leave a legacy by changing the future: Our Inheritance Giving program allows your solidarity in the struggle for women’s rights and dignity to continue. Learn more about how donating to medica mondiale in your will can change the lives of thousands of women and girls!

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of Inheritance Giving, please contact Hanna Hilger. You can send an e-mail to hhilger@medicamondiale.org. Thank you for your solidarity!

medica mondiale Endowment Fund

The medica mondiale Endowment Fund offers another way for you to secure the future of our fight for women’s rights. Learn more about how the Endowment Fund works and why it is such an important measure in financing our mission. Your contact for any issues relating financial support for the Endowment Fund is Hanna Hilger at hhilger@medicamondiale.org.