We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

Facts and figures: medica mondiale at a glance

Women’s rights projects: medica mondiale works in various countries since 1993. Here you can find detailed information on the figures, facts and finances.

Two employees of the Congolese women’s rights organisation PAIF discussing the contents of a document which one of them is holding. A rural area can be seen in the background.

medica mondiale is a feminist women’s rights organisation working around the world to benefit women and girls in war zones and crisis areas.

Photo of Monika Hauser, in the background the skyline of Cologne

"Solidarity and sensitivity have always been two main characteristics of our work, combined with our tenacious commitment to women’s rights and justice."

Monika Hauser, founder of medica mondiale

Where we work

We actively support women and girls in war zones and crisis areas who are affected or threatened by sexualised violence. For this, we work together with local women’s rights organisations and help them to establish structures and networks in which women can support each other.

medica mondiale works with partner organisations in 13 countries on 3 continents.

Portrait of Mirlinda Sada

"Together we have empowered thousands of women, supporting them and helping to enhance their well-being and self-confidence."

Mirlinda Sada, Director of our partner organisation Medica Gjakova, Kosovo

How we fund our work to benefit women and girls

In order to fund our active commitment to support women and girls in crisis areas, we rely on both private donations and institutional or public funding. We maintain political independence in our work.

In 2012 medica mondiale joined the Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society.

You can find more facts and figures in our Annual Report 2022.