We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

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Three women are sitting at a conference table with microphones. They are Jeta Krasniqi on the left and Mirlinda Sada from Medica Gjakova on the right; in the middle Monika Hauser from medica mondiale, Cologne.

Are you looking for a contact person, a quote or background information to help you with your reporting? In the press section you can find our current press releases, photos you can use, and details of our press contacts.

medica mondiale is committed to supporting women and girls in war zones and crisis areas, seeing itself as an advocate for the rights and interests of women who have survived sexualised wartime violence. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need an international interview partner on issues such as women’s rights or violence against women.

Press releases

medica mondiale frequently issues press releases to communicate its stance on current national and international policy issues, on violations of women’s rights in war and crisis areas, and many other issues related to sexualised violence.

Press photos of people and projects at medica mondiale can be downloaded free of charge from our Press Photo Gallery. Please note and respect the copyright requirements.

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