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Deutsche Welle: TV-Interview with Monika Hauser about Children conceived during wartime rape in Bosnia

Video, Southeastern Europe

Copyright: Deutsche Welle

The focus of the interview of Deutsche Welle with the founder of the women's rights organisation medica mondiale is on the children born out of the Bosnian war: those whose life began some 25 years ago as their mothers were raped.

Who were the perpetrators? Enemy soldiers, blue berets, paramilitaries, members of hostile ethnic groups, former neighbours, staff of relief organisations, and many more. For decades nobody has spoken about these children or the human rights violations that their mothers had to suffer. Even though the same happens in almost any war.

One thing is clear: neither the sexualised violence nor the silence about it happen by chance. In Bosnia-Herzegovina there were at least some women’s organisations, such as Medica Zenica and Vive Žene in Tuzla, who started to offer support for women and girls at an early stage.

Eliminating taboos, breaking through silence, and raising public awareness of the smouldering consequences of wartime violence are all declared aims of the newly founded organisation Forgotten Children of War. It was set up in 2015 by two people whose entire childhood and youth saw them stigmatised as children of war. They both have the strength necessary to battle injustices and taboos: Ajna Jusic and Alen Muhic. medica mondiale is very keen to raise donations enabling it to provide Forgotten Children of War with financial and expert assistance.

TV-Interview with Ajna Jusic from Forgotten Children of War.