We support women and girls in war and crisis zones


Acknowledgement and punishment of sexualized violence as a serious human rights violation

Sexualised violence in war is an expression of structural violence against women and girls in patriarchal societies. It contributes to maintaining anunequal balance of power between men and women. medica mondiale is standing up for sexualised violence in war to be acknowledged and punished as a serious human rights violation before national and international courts.

In the past, medica mondiale has supported the documentation of gender-based crimes and prepared witnesses for their testimony before international criminal courts. The acknowledgement and punishment of sexualised violence as a serious human rights violation contribute to the restoration of justice for those affected and therefore helps them to come to terms with their traumatic experiences. By providing legal advice, some of our partner organisations support clients to assert their rights.

Justice: Public acknowledgement of the injustices and the strength of the survivors

For many survivors, justice is more than just punishing the perpetrators. The legal sector, government, institutions, civil society and the public all need to acknowledge both the injustices and the suffering and strength of the survivors. All these stakeholders need to make their contribution to the documentation and truth-finding, remembering, compensation and general support for survivors as they deal with the consequences of these terrible crimes. medica mondiale and its partner organisations in various regions are working to make progress in this regard.