We support women and girls in war and crisis zones


Enabling people

The term ‘empower’ is used to refer to a process that enables someone to do or achieve something, rather than just doing it for them. What does that mean for the work of medica mondiale and our partner organisations? Women and girls in war and crisis zones are enabled and encouraged to:

  • identify and expand their own room for manoeuvre,
  • exert influence on the shift in the balance of power in society, and in this way to
  • improve their current and future life situation.

Strengthening women affected by violence

This empowerment can take place at different levels.

Social: The formation of networks can help survivors to break down or overcome any isolation from their family or community.

Economic: By completing training courses and receiving financial support, women can develop their own sources of income and gain financial independence.

Political: Advocacy work can also help to strengthen the self-confidence of survivors of sexualised violence.

Empowerment is one of the four basic principles of the Stress- and Trauma-sensitive Approach (STA)® developed by medica mondiale. Survivors are accepted as active determiners of their own life who can connect with their own dignity and courage, expanding their scope for action – individually and within their relationships, their family and social surroundings, and when dealing with institutions.

Updated: 01/2024