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13. January 2021 - News

Evaluation: Improvements in opportunities empower women in Kosovo

After completion of the project “Livelihood Kosovo”, an evaluation shows that our partner organisation Medica Gjakova succeeded in creating new livelihood opportunities for women and achieving their goals of psychological and economic empowerment.

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Improving women’s opportunities to pursue a trade and generate their own income, combined with psychosocial and gynaecological care: these were the components which the organisation Medica Gjakova chose to focus on for its project “Livelihood Kosovo” in order to improve the economic and psychological situation of women and returnees in the Dukagjini region. In turn, this then helps to prevent further emigration.

Stabilising women psychosocially, creating livelihood opportunities

Predominantly positive results – this was the judgement of the evaluation experts after the concluding appraisal of the project in Summer 2020. According to the evaluators, Medica Gjakova was able to use psychosocial counselling and self-help groups to stabilise the women and motivate them to take part in vocational training and learn entrepreneurial skills. Furthermore, the establishment of a retail outlet in Gjakova and the funding of facilities for the women to produce a range of goods both helped to put important foundations in place for the women to create economic opportunities.

Self-confidence from financial security and group solidarity

According to the report, the project strengthened the self-confidence of the women and increased their readiness for active participation. The income which they created also enables more financial security and independence, improving acceptance levels within their families. By working together in the retail outlet, project beneficiaries gained the experience of belonging to a community of solidarity, receiving support and opportunities to share their experiences among like-minded women.

Evaluation: Maintaining positive development, ensuring long-term sustainability

In order to maintain this positive development, the evaluators recommend securing these foundations, especially the production facilities. Registering the business as a cooperative would also be of benefit, which is a step that had already been planned. It could not be implemented because the necessary statutory regulations are not yet in place. The evaluators also underlined the significance of plans to open a second retail outlet in the Kosovan capital, Pristina: this would make the work and successes of the women more visible and increase demand for their products. In order to secure the achievements in the long term, beyond the current funding from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), a follow-on project should focus primarily on a suitable exit strategy.


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