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24. November 2023 - News

After the earthquakes, before winter starts: Emergency aid for Afghanistan

At night it is freezing, and the villages have been destroyed: In the wake of devastating earthquakes, many people in Afghanistan are in need of aid. Our partners in the region tell us what women in particular need.

Suddenly, the earth shook. Houses collapsed, burying their occupants. Some villages in Herat province are completely destroyed. Dozens of aftershocks followed, some of which were just as strong as the main quake. The earthquakes in western Afghanistan in October sent people into panic. And they cost thousands their lives or their homes. Now, at the end of November, the weather has also become icily cold as winter arrives. Many villagers only have tents to sleep in, with minimal or no access to food or medical care.

Local first aid in Herat

Aid has been slow to reach the people. But our local partner organisations have been busy assessing the situation. With a particular focus on the needs of affected women, they were rapidly able to distribute a first round of packages with relief supplies – but there is still a great need. For example, wood is now needed for heating. Blankets, clothing, toothbrushes, sanitary towels, nappies, soap and baby milk are also being sent to the Herat region. Our partner organisations are distributing these aid parcels.

“Winter is approaching quickly and the situation for the affected families is getting worse.“

Horia Mosadiq, Director of our partner organisation SRMO

In addition, our local colleagues are providing women with psychological support. The earthquakes and their consequences are a mental health burden for people, so they urgently need support.

Joining forces for Afghanistan

A pile of stones in front of a wall is all that remains of this house.
A pile of stones in front of a wall is all that remains of this house.
A pile of stones in front of a wall is all that remains of this house.
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