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25. August 2021 - News

Afghanistan: On the evacuation of women’s rights activists from Kabul

Press Statement: Cologne, 25.08.2021. “We are stunned and appalled! The evacuation of vulnerable people out of Afghanistan is proceeding chaotically and much too slowly. We are running out of time before the remaining troops are withdrawn,” says Monika Hauser, founder and Executive Board Member of medica mondiale.

“Our Afghan colleagues and their families are still stuck in Kabul. They fear for their lives. For the past 20 years, our partners have been working actively to build up democracy and an open society. They are the inspiration for many young people in Afghanistan and form an important part of the civil society.

German government embellished own reputation with courageous work of women’s rights activists

By highlighting its support for this courageous work, the German government was able to enhance its own reputation for years. So it has a political responsibility and should finally live up to this by doing everything possible – absolutely everything – to fly out vulnerable people. Every minute counts now.

Negligent misjudgement from the German government

The Federal government misjudged the situation in Afghanistan long enough for it to count as negligence. And even today it has still not been able to secure any routes to the airport. If people do manage to reach the perimeter of the airport, they are being prevented from entering the site.”

Monika Hauser, founder and Executive Board Member, and Sara Fremberg, Head of Political Advocacy at medica mondiale, are both available for interviews.

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medica mondiale is calling for:

  • the German government to make it possible for women’s rights activists and their families to travel to the airport and leave the country, seeking international support if necessary.
  • the German government to raise the issue of a secure corridor to the airport during current negotiations with the Taliban, doing everything in their power to achieve this.
  • the evacuation of everybody who has been working actively in recent decades to build up human rights, democracy and an open society. They need to be brought with their families to Germany or secure third countries. This requires a large-scale reception programme.