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Video: "The Story of Zehra". For our research on the long-term consequences of war rape in Bosnia Zehra told us her story.

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German Translation of the spoken text in the video


In 2014 Medica Zenica and medica mondiale conducted a study with 51 survivors of war rape and sexual violence from Bosnia and Herzegovina who had used Medica Zenica's services during and after the war. Within the qualitative methodology, seven participants were selected according to certain relevant criteria to take part in life story interviews; a special type of in-depth interview providing additional information about the long-term impacts of war rape and sexual violence, and a longitudinal perspective of coping processes. In this video, Zehra tells us her story.

Medica Zenica, Sabiha Husić; Irma Šiljak (2016). We are still alive. 7 Life Stories. The story of Zehra. Actress: Selma Alispahic. Director: InfoBiro.

Here you can watch the video clip of the study and read the summary of the research.