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Developing a staff care concept as a feminist NGO

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What we can learn from Emma Organization for Human Development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

You? Yes, you! Who this paper is for and what difference it makes.

Do you live in a region affected by current or past conflicts and work in a non-governmental organisation? Are you interested in staff care and looking for inspiration and ideas? Then this paper is for you. This isn’t just another text about how difficult and complex staff care is (yes, it is!) and what should ideally be done (a lot!).

"Developing a staff care concept as a feminist NGO" is a story about what works (and what doesn’t), what we achieved (and what we didn’t), the challenges we faced and how we dealt with them, and what you can learn from our successes (and mistakes). Staff care is indeed complex, but it’s also enjoyable and rewarding. To start, you simply need to make a decision.