We support women and girls in war and crisis zones


Women taking active parts in conflict resolution strategies, peace processes, constitutions and laws

medica mondiale works towards women taking active parts in developing conflict resolution strategies and advancing peace processes and also writing constitutions and making laws. To that end, we support, among other things, the work of activists in the field of women’s politics and the building of comprehensive networks. Also at project level medica mondiale supports active participation of all women involved in the projects in one way or another.

Limited participation, especially in war and post-conflict regions

In many war and post-conflict regions, oppressive structures prevail which prevent women in particular from participating in society’s governance and decision-making processes. Furthermore, in post-war periods, women generally have to return to the limited roles of caring for their family and children. They are only marginally included in any active shaping of the peace process and reconstruction in their society. In many societies there is a great deal of stigma associated with being a victim of sexualised violence, which makes it even more difficult for survivors to participate. Women and local organisations in crisis and post-conflict regions where international organisations are active are all too frequently reduced to their role as ‘aid recipients’.

medica mondiale involves women and local professionals in the planning, implementation and evaluation of its projects. Priorities in the approach taken during the implementation of project measures include consensus-oriented decision-making and learning from one another. In this way, women in war and crisis zones help shape the support measures according to their needs. They can identify with the projects.