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Deutsche Welle: TV-Interview with Sybille Fezer on the adoption of UN-Resolution 2467

Video, Germany

Copyright: Deutsche Welle

Sybille Fezer, Executive Member of the Board Programs at medica mondiale, speaks in an interview with Deutsche Welle about UN Resolution 2467, which was adopted on 22.04.2019.

The UN Security Council calls on UN member states in Resolution 2467 to strengthen their legislation on sexual violence in war and crisis areas and to expand the persecution of perpetrators.

Sybille Fezer welcomes the fact that german Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and the German government are campaigning for the Agenda "Women, Peace, Security" and sexualized violence in wars as part of their non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. "Even within the UN-Security Council there are still a lot of backlashes towards women's rights in the members that we have there. It's not about having the legal framework, it's about implementing it."