We support women and girls in war and crisis zones

Fighting poverty

Creating income, secure livelihood, enable self-determined future

Once wars or conflicts are overcome, it is often women who bear the main burdens of reconstruction. They have to live with the traumatic experiences of sexualised violence in war and also have to cope with other stressful consequences of the war: deaths of family members, loss of property and work and often also the loss of a place called home.

Women who have lost their husbands in the war are suddenly faced with assuming sole responsibility for themselves and their children. Without a male head of the family, they are often condemned to a life in isolation and poverty. Unmarried women, widows or single mothers are often faced with discrimination and hostility in many patriarchal societies even today. Many are denied a self-determined life. Additionally, they carry the stigma of having been raped, making it even more difficult to return to a life free of violence and oppression.

medica mondiale supports these women with measures promoting gainful employment, so they can secure their own livelihood and shape their own future in a self-determined manner. These include vocational training, start-up aid to set up a small business, self-help groups and literacy courses.